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5 Reason You Need

Smart Solar Water Heater

Have you test always?

Don’t tell me you will check always !

Do you press the test button at ELCB or your instant water heater?

Answer is i didn't, i forgot !


There is too many case

Died from electrocution while taking a shower

Your family is priceless, don’t let any danger close to them, even small percent also cannot!


Incidents happen without warning !

We have read this bad news few time, There is too many case of died from electrocution while taking a shower.

Don't give yourself the opportunity to regret

Your family is priceless, don’t let any danger close to them, even small percent also cannot!


No hot water?

You still enjoy hot water shower when electric blackout! Cause it’s totally work without any electricity


Electric tariff increase every year!

Our electric bill increase every year!


Price Drop and outdate?

Once you buy any home appliance, you will face price drop, outdated in just few months, and consume electricity too.

The solar water heater will work up to 15 years


The only device pay you back

You will save up to RM2400, you can buy many thing, Be smart!

*assume 5 years invest in solar, 10 years is the harvest time.


More Feature:

SUS316L Pure Stainless Steel

Pressurized Water Tank

Heat Pipe With Evacuated Tube

Tank Protector Magnesium Rod

CPC Sunlight Booster

Polyurethane Foam Insulation

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Parts Picture:

Water Pipe Socket

Foam Insulation

Magnesium Rod

CPC Holder

CPC Reflector

Heat Tube Socket

Heat Exchange Socket

Stainless Steel Tank Body

Diamond Coating Cover

How The Sunlight

Generate Hot Water?

1.Sunlight hit the evacuated tube.

2.Purple coating of inner glass convert solar energy into heat.

3.Heat transfer to the heat pipe by aluminium fins.

4.The vacuum between the two glass tubes work as insulation to retain heat inside the tube.

5.Thermal liquid inside heat pipe change into vapor and rises to the condenser.

6.When passing through the heat exchange, the heat is absorbed by water in the tank.

7.The thermal liquid become lower temperature and returns to the base of the heat pipe.

8.Heat collection is a continuous circulation as long as the collector is heated by the sun.

Structure :

Optional Upgrade:

Solar Controller

System Monitoring Display: A clear display of the entire system as well as tank water temperature readouts.

Smart Control: Control the heater operate when the temperature is below the set point, and off above set point.

RSP: RM488


Solar Temperature Mixer

Redefining the shower experience with constant temperature. Prevent kids from hot water burns.

-Intelligent electronic smart thermostat
-LCD Display, touch control temperature
-Temperature Memory Function

RSP: RM688


Installation Diagram:

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Lets see the what difference with AHD Smart Solar and Solar Flat Plate Solar System.

Save Your Money

How Solar Water Heater

Save Your Money

The following formula is used to calculate the power of heating element needed to heat a specific volume of water by a given temperature rise in 1 hour.
Refer HERE 

TNB Tariff rates:

Assume our bill is over RM150, and the electric heater is an option.

Formula to calculate:

Volume in litres x 4 x temperature rise in degrees centigrade / 3412
(4 being a factor and 3412 being a given constant)

Water Mixing Ratio:

To get the 38 °C most comfortable temperature for shower, we assume city water temperature is at 28 °C, the hot water ratio per cold water is illustrate below. 

Reliable & Last Longer
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Question & Answer

 Q1: Is that the product come with installation?
 A1: Yes. We will install the system on roof or flat area, providing testing and also commissioning works.  Owner just need to prepare the hot and cold water piping to water tank area, as well as the electric connection ( 2.5mm 3 core power cable and one pair of 0.5mm twinflat power cable for temperature sensor).
 Q2: Any maintenance required on AHD Smart Solar Water Heater System?
 A2: It's build to last and corrosion resistant. Water is the only moving part. Thus, Minimal maintenance is required.
 Q3: What is the piping requirement to install a AHD Smart Solar Water Heater System?
 A3: You need to have 2 separate water piping system: One for cold water and one for Hot water. For Hot water piping, the piping material has to be copper or stainless steel. It needs to connect to all essential parts of your house, where Hot water is necessary, like bathrooms, kitchen and utility area. Also, one power supply is required in order to switch on the back-up electric booster
 Q4: What kind of warranty do you give ?
 A4: Our Product comes with a 10 years standard product warranty on tank, 5 years warranty on heat tube and 12 months warranty on workmanship.
 Q5: Is that AHD Smart Solar System suitable for large usage?
 A5: Yes, its suitable for homestay, hotels, foot massage, spa center, catering. You can install more than a unit in parallar mode to suit your water usage volume. Save more on your operation cost
 Q6:How is the cost for installation if i want to connect all the bathroom?
 A6: Normal the charges is base on you contractor quote.
 Q7:What is the diffrent compare to other fat plate solar water heater?
 A7:Please refer to our comparision section.
 Q8:Do I need to provide you the roof design or picture before installation?
 A8:Yes,  difference roof designs will require different installing methods. We will arrange site survey for better suggestion choosing the right installation method and model that suit for you.

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